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This week I want to tell y'all again about a website that I briefly mentioned last March when we did a book blog featuring boy POV's. The site is and it's a fantastic resource for (you guessed it) reading and boys. The site is the brainchild of the brilliant Jon Scieszka (The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Stupid Fairy Tales). Here's their mission statement:

Our mission is to motivate boys to read by connecting them with materials they will want to read, in ways they like to read.

1. Make some noise for boys.

We have literacy programs for adults and families. GUYS READ is our chance to call attention to boys’ literacy.

2. Expand our definition of reading.

Include boy-friendly nonfiction, humor, comics, graphic novels, action-adventure, magazines, websites, audiobooks, and newspapers in school reading. Let boys know that all these materials count as reading.

3. Give boys choice.

Motivate guys to want to read by letting them choose texts they will enjoy. Find out what they want. Let them choose from a new, wider range of reading.

4. Encourage male role models.

Men have to step up as role models of literacy. What we do is more important than all we might say.

5. Be realistic. Start small.

Boys aren’t believing that “Reading is wonderful.” Reading is often difficult and boring for them. Let’s start with “Here is one book/magazine/text you might like.”

6. Spread the GUYS READ word.

Encourage people to use the information and downloads on this site to set up their own chapters of GUYS READ, and get people thinking about boys and reading.

The site lives up to their goal by providing a wonderful list of boy-enticing materials for all levels. For example, the book section has categories such as: Monkeys and/or Apes, Classics that Actually Hold Up, For Little Guys, At least One Explosion, and Robots. It also has recommends great magazines, graphic novels, and audio name a few. 

Why am I reporting all this to you? You should just click here and experience all the awesomeness yourself. Honestly, this is a great site for anyone who enjoys children's and YA lit. The fact that it's accessible to a "typical" male reader is just icing on the cake. 


On a flight to Vegas this week I was seated with a dad and his 11-yr-old son. They were headed to a baseball game and then golfing. The moment the kid sat down he opened a book and read until he reached the end. THEN he played his video games. I asked him what his favorite books were. He said he'd read anything. Dad chimed in and said he also loves to read. Parental example. Golden!

Thanks for linking to this site. I've marked it in my favorites!

Great post/link Bret! I think we've all seen so many kids turned off of reading by the limited and mundane options that our education system deems appropriate. The schools aren't getting any better so now more than ever we all need to set examples and provide opportunities. This link is a great resource!

I visited this site the last time you mentioned. it. I LOVE IT. Thanks so much.

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