Hooray for Silver!

I'm taking a brief break from our regularly scheduled topic to share some of the SILVER launch fun.  I flew into Sacramento on Saturday afternoon and was caught up in a long line at the car rental terminal.  I rushed into the Avid Reader in Davis a little after four to a full house.  Talia was poised as ever as she welcomed everyone and spoke about her fantastic book blogger support.  Then Katy, Veronica and I joined Talia at the front of the room. (Unfortunately, Bret wasn't able to join us because he had a prior engagement, but we missed him terribly!)   We all read selections from our books, and Talia treated the audience with a teaser for GOLD, the sequel to SILVER.  Then we had some great questions from the audience and gave away door prizes, including some ARCs of SKINNY my generous publisher sent.  So much fun!  And the best picture of the night is definitely the one of all of us holding up our books - the first time all books are present!

It's always so fun to meet fellow Muses' family members and see writer friends.  The after party is a time to catch up on the latest news and talk of books, books and more books.  I was lucky enough to sit by a wonderful group of book bloggers.  Veronica and I tried to pick their brain for their wealth of book knowledge and insights into the publishing experience from the bloggers perspective.  A very informative conversation!

Click below for more SILVER launch pictures and to check out a few of the fabulous book bloggers who were there:

Two Chicks on Books

Books over Boys


Sounds like the book launch was a success :-) Always a good thing. YAY for all the books in one place at one time WITH the authors there :-)

Such a great picture of you all! Love it. Congratulations.

It was a lovely event! I'm so grateful I could be there! Congratulations again, Talia!

I love that picture of the four of you! It was a great event and so wonderful to see you all!

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