SILVER is the SHizzz-Nit!

The box says it all

Man, I’m so happy to be writing this post because it means that SILVER is finally on the shelves. I critiqued SILVER as a “closer” of sorts…when it was almost. I’d been hangin’ with the Muses for a while at that point and had heard a ton about it, but was kept on “the bench” until the time was ripe. When my moment came, I was sooo excited finally to be part of it.

I’d worked on SPIES & PREJUDICE with Talia and read a synopsis or two for SILVER, but when I opened up the document I was blown away. Like the other Muses, I was mesmerized by her voice, her dialogue, and how she built this complex world of high-school and mythology (see, it’s one thing to make a plot around well-known legends such as the Greek gods, but it’s much, MUCH harder to introduce a whole ‘nother set of little-known ones. Believe me, I know).

I wanted to share a bit of my initial reaction to SILVER, just to tease some of its awesomeness. Here are a few of the comments I made in the margins:

“This is cool! Very intrigued.”
“I really like how he has trouble seeing her. Great tension.”
“Awesome exchange – HA!”
“LOVE the action. *Chills*”
“Joe is awesome.”
“So effing intense! Great job. Very heart wrenching.”
“You’re really good at kissy-kissy stuff. And I love the tension between them. It’s fantastic.”

Plus, almost every page is littered with check marks, double check marks, TRIPLE check marks, and (the ultimate compliment in my book) smiley faces.

And, in a reply email to her, I wrote:
“You're brilliant when you handle the magic and (I hate to admit this) the kissing/boy scenes. A true master.”

“Great job. Really. It was such a fun read! Your characters are (as usual) outstanding and truly individuals. I love the tension of the fate-crossed lovers. The world building is done beautifully. ” 

“Anyways, THANK YOU for letting me dig in. A truly enjoyable experience.
(and next time I read'll be a REAL book. Holy SHiizzzz-NIT). ”

And, guess what, now it is a REAL book.
Now, you get to experience what I did that first time. I’m so jealous. 


Bret, I love how you interact with the manuscript! The pictures! The check marks! The enthusiasm!

And it's right on the mark.

So, sketchy guy, ever considered doing a Diary-of-a-Wimpy-Kid-type thing? *blushing*

I love your drawings Bret! And I always love earning a check. Especially the triple check :)

T, I know! This makes me really miss a Bret critique... I miss the triple check myself.

Beth, and MS's get along very well. Especially when it's as rad as SILVER.

Ryan, *grinning* Awww, shucks.

T & V, all those checks are well deserved.

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