Giving Thanks

Katherine Longshore 4 Tuesday, November 20, 2012
For this week's theme, I had to do a lot of thinking and soul-searching.  I looked up the definitions of "thankful" and "grateful" in the dictionary.  I trawled through my memory of events of 2012 to find the things I'm thankful for (publication, friends, family) and through all the possibilities of posts about friendship and publication, being one of the "lucky" ones.  But my father died a few weeks back, and I'm only just beginning to get back to the surface of my life.  You know that near-invisible meniscus that holds a needle on the surface of a still body of water?  That's what's holding me up right now.

So I can't write those posts this year.  Not because I am not thankful.  But because I have too many other emotions roiling around within me.  I would suspect my own sincerity.  And I would probably cry.

So instead, I'm going to look at both words that we used to describe our theme this week.  Giving Thanks.

Let's focus on the giving.  I'm not going to prod you into going out and volunteering at the Red Cross or cooking dinner for the local homeless shelter or even joining in on a canned food drive.  Though, of course, all of those things are noble and wonderful and I really do hope you do them.  But they are not the only way to give.

No, I'm going to exhort you to give thanks.  Is there someone in your life you appreciate?  More than anything?  Someone who helped you through a rough time, who bought you a coffee when you needed it most, who called at just the right moment.  Even the person who treated you so badly you left him - therefore allowing you to find someone better.  It could be a small thing or a huge thing or a hundred things.  And I'd love to ask you to be big and brave and tell that person.  But sometimes - I know - that's impossible.  Sometimes - maybe - giving thanks is simply being thankful.

So in my own roundabout and rather wishy-washy way, I'm asking you to give thanks.  In your own way.  In your own time.  But be aware of  your gratitude.  Hold it carefully, because it is a fragile thing.  Nurture it.  And give it away when you can.


Many sympathies, Katy--so sorry. Thank you for such wise advice in this post and for being such an inspiration.

My heart goes out to you for your loss.

I try to have a "give thanks" attitude each day as life is not promised, something we oft take for granted. Something I know all too well from understanding the roiling feelings that can come with the loss of a parent.

I appreciate the words of wisdom shared.

Thank you, Katy. I like this idea very much, and I've already got someone in mind.

Thank YOU, ladies! And Angela, your giving thanks every day comment is so inspiring.

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