I have so much to be thankful for this year. I accomplished a lifelong dream of publishing a novel.  I am thankful for the opportunity I've been given.  I am.


I think its human nature to take for granted the good things and focus on the negative ones, no matter how small.

I'm usually good at maintaining a positive outlook, but I still have to remind myself to pause and appreciate the wonderful things that have happened. To live in the present instead of chasing some mythical future success.  The fact is, no matter how much I accomplish as a writer, there's always something more to be attained.

Somewhere in all the craziness of the business of publishing, it's easy to lose sight of the dream and find new things to worry about:  sales numbers, marketing, distribution, reviews, the next sale...

When is enough enough?  When I get a six figure book deal?  When I make a best sellers' list?  When I get a starred review?  When I make enough money to live off my books?

The answer is that even if I accomplished all of those things, it would never be enough.

I'm a writer.  I can't not write.

I'm also a dreamer.  I can't not dream.  I can't not hope.

I want to succeed on every possible level, commercially and critically.  But for every dream achieved, a new dream muscles its way in to take the place of the old one.  I don't think this is a bad thing.  Dreams and aspirations are what keep us going.  It's only a problem if you let your future plans keep you from living in the present. 

And it is so easy for writers to live in the future.  By the time you sell and publish a book, you're working on the one that will be published (hopefully) two or three years later.  There's always a new idea, a new deadline, a new story that is going to be the one.  We're always looking forward, planning, preparing, hoping.

This Thanksgiving, I'm stepping off the publishing-go-round for a day.  I'm going to stop and really appreciate what I have accomplished.

I accomplished a dream I've had my entire life.  I wrote a book I love.  I got to see that book on the shelf of the bookstore where I discovered some of my own favorite authors and books.  I got to share that experience with people I love and care about.

I got to share it with you.

Thank you.


It is hard for writers to just stop and appreciate what we have & where we are. At least, it's hard for me. Thank you for this - a reminder, and an all-around good feeling of gratitude.

thanks for sharing this. I have often felt, "I can't not write"--but have never heard anyone else say it!

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