Three Debuts to Look For in 2013

I had the privilege of reading advance copies of these books, and I adore them all. Add them to your reading pile. Seriously, do it. In full disclosure, the authors are all my buds. But that doesn't mean they aren't some very talented writers.

Gorgeous and gothic, anyone? No? How about dark and romantic?

Twists and turns that keep you guessing, beautiful words and a swoon-tastic protagonist. 

Hugely fun, sexy, sexy, sexy, and quite lovely and touching. Plus, just LOOK at that cover.


Insanely excited for all three of these, especially Taken!

Extremely excited for these debuts! I love the premise for all of these, especially The Madman's Daughter... seems very creepy/sad/dramatic. Can't wait!

The covers are great! Lucky you, with the ARCs. :)

Iffath, you will love TAKEN! Kathyrn, Seriously. They are all very good! Sallie, Madman is all those and more! Eliza, that's what I was hoping! Anita, SO lucky. I thank my lucky stars all the time!

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