Spies and Prejudice!

Folks, I wish I this weeks post was original, I really do. But it isn't. The other Muses summed up all the awesomeness that is SPIES AND PREJUDICE and left me no new ground to tread. They 'fangirled' about how awesome Berry Fields is. And Lulu. And Jason. And Mary. And all the supporting cast. They've gone on about the wit, the Austen nods, and flawless dialogue. They called it funny and sexy. And they swooned over the love interests. And that was just the beginning...

Engaging, fast-paced plots
Instantly captivated
Charming, fast-paced and endearing

Talia even told you the jaw-dropping, jealousy-inducing publication story (sold off of how many pages??). 

Seriously, what's a guy to add to that sort of praise?

Nothing, if he's smart. 

He just gets out of the way and tells you to close the browser and GET READING!

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