You know how sometimes you read a book and then it ends, but you're still obsessed? Still caught in the world of the story? Still thinking about the characters a long, long time afterward?

That's basically me with Talia's book, SPIES AND PREJUDICE, which is now on bookshelves.

Let me tell you how much I love this book. For starters, I fangirled to Talia the minute I read it, because it's fun and the boys are hot (it's a Talia Vance book, so that's a given), but guys. Strawberry Fields (or Berry Fields, as she goes by) is one of the best YA leads I've read in ages. I adore this character.

So much that for a long while, I could not look at this:

Without thinking of this:

So much, that when I went to New York, I sent Talia pictures from Strawberry Fields, Central Park, with incoherent text messages that included dozens upon dozens of exclamation marks. (e.g., OMG LOOK!!!! BERRY FIELDS!!! LOVE HER SO MUCH AHHH!!!) 

Here are a few of those photos:

Fangirl much, V? Why yes. When it comes to Berry Fields, yes I do.

It was my honor to provide a blurb in support of this novel. I called it charming, fast-paced and endearing. I called it delicious. And it is.  So go. Eat up. You won't regret it!

Congratulations, Talia!

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