Celebrating Austin (I mean GOLD)

Katherine Longshore 5 Tuesday, September 10, 2013
When I first read Austin--a major character and obstacle for Brianna to tackle in both SILVER and GOLD--he reminded me of an ex-boyfriend.  And not in a good way.  I pictured him with the same build, the same eyes, the same slightly condescending sneer.  He was manipulative, a little domineering and so not Blake.  Plus?  He totally blew Brianna over for her best friend.

Don't you love this cover?

But things change.  And a girl has a right to change her mind, right?  I first read about Austin during the winter of 2010--before SILVER even sold.  We all know how books--and characters--change over time and with multiple revisions.  By the time SILVER hit the shelves, I was becoming an Austin fan.

With GOLD, Talia has changed the game entirely.  Brianna's heart has been crushed by Blake and as Donna mentioned yesterday, Brianna is on the run in Ireland.  Where Austin Montgomery happens to have a ginormous manor house.  And several cars.  And horses.  And when circumstances bring Austin back from his banishment in the underworld, he is more vulnerable.  More flawed.  And much, much more appealing.

Talia shows us the beauty in imperfection.  As a god, Austin was all model physique and golden glow. The only thing that might have been considered substandard about him was his crooked smile.  In GOLD, he has frown lines and unsteadiness.  He is less assured and more tentative.  And he is ever so much more sexy.  I love that Brianna's attraction to him is based on his imperfections.  Because that's why I've fallen for him, too.

Of course, there is so much more to this book than just the guy.  There is the beauty of the scenery and the charm of the village of Cath.  There is the nerve-wracking tension as the Sons and bandia take sides in the upcoming war.  There is the beauty of the ocean and Briana's ever-so-relatable fascination with it.  There are the mythical creatures and gods and goddesses and science and time travel.  There is so much to this book.

Falling for Austin is just the tip of the iceberg.

Thank you so much, Talia, for creating such brilliantly flawed characters, and for taking us deeper into the mesmerizing world of SILVER and GOLD.


I am even more anxious to read this book now! Bring it on!!!

I second that reaction! Good Lord, what a wonderful mix of story elements. Going to get my copy now.

Go Team Austin! Such a hottie! Readers will swoon.

Ha Ha! Great title! That should be the subtitle because really, it's all about the boys! I loved Austin in Gold for all the reasons you said and that's why there needs to be a Platinum. My husband thinks the series should have started with Bronze so that there would HAVE to be a third book! I really need that third one. Gold is a fantastic book, Austin is the icing on the cake!


Thank you Katy! Austin is my favorite part of the book. I think I can say that now that the book is out. An author can take sides, right?

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