A Week to Remember

This week I was fortunate to get my hands on two brand new books from two of my favorite writers.  And as Katherine mentioned yesterday, I consider myself even more blessed to have been even a tiny part of the journey as these books went from spark of an idea to their gorgeous final incarnations.  I love both of these books and I can't wait to share them with the world.

One of the thing I love about Katherine's writing is her ability to weave in historical details that transport me to another era, and it was fun to see her explore a different era than Henry VIII's court.  While the Manor's secrets might not cost their occupants their heads, there is lot at stake for Charlotte, the young lady of the manor who longs for adventure, and Janie, the kitchen maid who dreams of a secure place to call home. Despite the vast differences in their background, the two girls are equally constrained by the society they live in, with few options and the knowledge that one misstep could cost either one of them their future.  Their unlikely friendship is the heart of this story, and I found myself rooting for both of them.  I think one of my favorite things about MANOR OF SECRETS was how I could see Katherine in both Charlotte and Janie-  the girl who craves adventure, ready to travel the world and experience adventure on a moment's notice, and the girl who understands and appreciates the comforts of family and home.  This book made me want both, and to share them with a friend.

INTO THE STILL BLUE is the culmination of a trilogy that has swept me away since I heard an early version of the first chapter read aloud four years ago.  If you've followed Aria and Perry's journey Under the Never Sky, you already know that this rich world is populated with characters that you can't help falling love with.  Even the villains are complex and if not lovable, at least understandable.  One of my favorite character arc of the series was following Soren, a guy who did some very bad things in the opening chapters of Under the Never Sky, yet managed to grow to the point that he won me over completely by the end of this book.  STILL BLUE is as satisfying an ending as you could hope for these characters, this world and this series.  And Veronica's final words, in the acknowledgments, made me cry:

"Finally, thank you for letting me tell you a story about a boy and a girl who did something extraordinary.  Your turn now.  Find your heading, your Still Blue, and get there.  I know you can."

How's that for inspiration?



Yeah, that's dynamite inspiration, right there. And a great write up, too, Talia. What a great week for the Muses!

The Muses inspire me every day. Thanks, friends.

Thank you, Talia! And I agree with Beth--you guys inspire me every day.

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