In a MANOR of Speaking...

What a week!

It is such a wonderful pleasure to share this book celebration week with Katy. Not only is she a dear friend, she happens to also be one of my favorite writers.

I have loved GILT, TARNISH, and BRAZEN--Katy's series of Tudor books, but MANOR OF SECRETS has a special place in my heart. Last April, I was with Katy in Oregon while she was working on this story of two girls navigating the upstairs, downstairs politics of genteel society. We camped out at a hotel during a conference and took long walks along the river walk in Hood River, sometimes twice a day. We talked about MANOR, and the project I was working on. We went for chocolate runs in town. We battled wind, rain and writer's block, and MANOR will forever make me think of those walks with my good friend.

You did it, Katy, just like I knew you would. I'm so proud of you, and in awe of your talent.

Congratulations, and here's to many more books and long walks together!


Awwww! Writing friends are the BEST. :D

What a week that was! Thanks for reminding me, V.

Ditto what Lia said. That week sounds awesome - forget long conferences & workshops. How much cooler to hang with writer friends and talk about our books and writing!

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