Book Blog: WINGER by Andrew Smith

I'm not gonna lie...I'm pretty funny in real life.

People are always laughing at me. Wait. You don't think they're laughing AT you?

Probably, but that's fine. As long as I keep telling myself that I'm funny then it all works out in the exciting place between my ears.

So, I'm saying this because I'm trying to convince you that because I'm SO funny, if a book makes me laugh out loud then it's definitely worth your time. And Winger made me laugh and smile and chuckle for about 300 of the 400 pages.

I do have some MAJOR problems with it, but overall it's well written and has a "sex-on-the-brain" 14-year-old boy for a main character.

It was an interesting read because there wasn't much of a plot, but that didn't bother me. But it bothers me that it didn't bother me. Ya know? (Do you know what else bothers me? When there's a new employee at Chipotle and they put tiny scoops of food in my burrito. I take it personally. How could they not know?! Then I have to be like, "Umm, can I get a little more rice?" And they're like, "Oh, sure!" And then they put like seven more grains of rice on the burrito and smile at you like they just did you a huge favor. That bothers me.)

I recently read Eleanor & Park and didn't really like it because it didn't have much of a plot, but I liked Winger. Go figure.

My biggest problem with the story is the ending. I'm not going to give it away, but it was kind of weird. It's like Andrew Smith wrote a really funny, entertaining book, and then someone else slipped in an extra ten serious, emotionally-charged pages at the end.

I loved the "younger boy likes older girl" relationship that developed throughout the book. Because when I was 14, there was no greater goal than to have a hot girlfriend that was two years older than me (which never happened, by the way).

OH! There are cartoons in the book, too! Pictures! They're pretty funny.

My favorite scene in the book is when the "hot" nurse has to give the MC a sponge bath in front of his friends. It's hilarious to hear what's going on inside of his head. :)

There's A LOT of swearing in this book. So if that bothers've been warned.

I give Winger by Andrew Smith 5 out of 7 older girlfriends.


This was one of my favorite books of 2013, Aaron--mostly because, yes, it made me laugh, but also because it felt so real (very enlightening, being inside a 14-year-old boy's head!)

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