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My treadmill desk faces a bookshelf in which I have an enormous collection of books having to do with writing. I frequently find myself wishing I could absorb their wisdom simply by glancing at them every day while I write. 

Since that’s probably not going to happen, I've recently adopted the writer’s version of bibliomancy. Every morning I choose a book and open it at random, revealing my writing message of the day. It’s like opening my own little fortune cookie (fortune bookie?), something to ponder before I dive in and start writing/revising/whatever. 

Today's message comes from THE POCKET MUSE by Monica Wood. 

Ten Commandments for a Happy Writing Life 
1. Don’t wait for inspiration: establish a writing habit.
2. Take time off.
3. Read voraciously.
4. Shut out the inner critic.
5. Claim a space.
6. Claim some time.
7. Accept rejection.
8. Expect success.
9. Live fully.
10. Wish others well.
In search of more inspiration/guidance/food for thought? Grab a book off the shelf and discover your own "truth" for the day.


It's like a Magic 8 ball for writing--and a great idea for getting some tips and inspiration without committing to an entire craft book in one go.

Exactly! And since I could easily spend hours reading craft books instead of writing...

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