Full Circle - by Donna

I am a fan of books and libraries.

Before I was old enough to officially be employed, I worked in the public library in my small Texas hometown.  They probably gave me the job because I was there so often and was on a first name basis with every librarian.  I was a voracious reader, only limited by the number of books I could stack into my bicycle basket.

Some things haven't changed.

This week I am attending the Texas Library Association Conference in San Antonio.  I go to a lot of conferences, but this one is particularly meaningful.  Almost twenty  years ago, I attended TLA's annual conference as a teacher and a huge book fan.  I stood in lines for author's autographs, lusted after the rows of shiny new books, and dreamed big about someday autographing my own books.

It seemed an absolutely crazy, and totally unattainable, aspiration.

Yet this week I see that dream come true.  This week, I come full circle and go home to Texas to sign my own books as part of the Texas Librarians' Association Spirit of Texas High School Reading Program.  I also get the opportunity to speak on a panel of authors who are totally awe inspiring--Libba Bray, A.G. Howard, and Mark Long. 

I also get to hold in my hands the ARC of my new book, CAN'T LOOK AWAY,  and then hand it over to readers for the very first time.

I am so nervous

and excited

and grateful.


It's wonderful that you get to be a participant - on the other side of the table - for a conference you've enjoyed attending before.

It is so wonderful when dreams come true, and someone like you is very grateful. So proud of you.

Congrats, Donna! Enjoy the circles of life and writing. Can't wait to get your new book.

Yay. I cannot wait for your new book, I pre-ordered it. I feel like a broken record, but Skinny is a book I highly recommend. I am an adult reader of YA Literature, and it is rare that a book hits me like yours did.

I hope you have an awesome time at the conference! It sounds like a fantastic event. I would be fangirling all over the place :).

I'm so happy for you, Donna! Have a fantastic time! I wish I was one of those readers in line, waiting to get your new book. :)

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