What the Puck!

I read The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater and it was so freaking good that I wanted to mare-e it (get it? get it?).

It was so good I wanted to throw it inside a tortilla, slap on some guac, and eat it.

It was so good that if I was in high school and needed a date for prom, I'd ask it.

There are so many things right with this book.

Seriously, don't tell anyone, but I would go skinny dipping with The Scorpio Races.

The world created in the story was as original as original can be, but there was NEVER a time that I was confused. I was never trying to figure out how the world worked, or how something was possible. I simply accepted, without question, that there is an island in my world where magical horses come out of the ocean. I actually caught myself thinking, "Hmmm, I wonder where this island is...I should go see these horses."

The characters were great. I liked Sean Kendrick. I liked that he was "the man" when it came to the magical horses known as Caolsifjisjlsjs Ushuksinks, or whatever. I liked that he had Puck's back when the townsfolk were demanding that she remove herself from the magical horse race. I loved the emotion of that scene. I loved that Puck didn't back down. And I loved that Sean was attracted to Puck's determination and courage, and not her boobs.

Here's the thing: I really don't like animals.

I like them on T.V., and I like to see them at the zoo every once in a while, but I don't like them as part of my life. If they're cute and cuddly, fine, but soon they will piss on you. If they're larger than life, like a lion, great, but soon they will eat you. They stink, they crap everywhere, they eat things that aren't food, they gnaw on things, they wake you up at night, and so on.

I know I'm not making any friends right now, but my point is this: Even though I had to read about smelly horses that eat people, I still freaking loved this book!

(And just so you weird cat people don't hate me forever, there are two cats that live in my house and I even pet them once in a while...so there.)

You should read this book. It's so refreshing. No cliches, no bad boys, no girls that think bad boys that treat them badly are "so hot." Barf.

Great scenery, characters, plot, emotion, and just the right amount of romance.

At least read it for its originality.

After reading Shiver I was reluctant to read more of Maggie Stiefvater's books, but now I'm sold. Looks like The Raven Boys will stay on my list.

I give The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater an easy 9 out of 9 magical horse turds. I know that might sound bad, but it isn't. Trust me.


HAHAHA! This review is fabulous! Love, A Weird Cat Person

I knew it, Robin! You're a WCP! :)

It's quite difficult to make a jet-lagged person laugh out loud after an 11-hour flight, but you did it, Aaron! I loved The Scorpio Races, too. My favourite Stiefvater book so far. I'll forgive you the slights to the animal kingdom for this whole-hearted approval the book.

Ok, the folks at CWMars are going to recommend me for rehab soon, you folks keep recommending books that I have to read and I keep ordering them, and enjoying them. I think I might have a problem...

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