Muse News Roundup: BRAZEN launch party!

Katherine Longshore's BRAZEN Launch Party is today, Saturday, June 7th, at 4pm! 

There will be a reading and Q&A and cupcakes and a giveaway at:

617 Second Street, 
Davis, CA 95616
(530) 758-4040

The BRAZEN publication date is Thursday, June 12, but early copies will be available at the launch party.  :)


Veronica Rossi and Lia Keyes will be attending the Ventana Sierra Advanced Writers Workshop this weekend, where Veronica will be presenting Let's Get Serious About Series! on Sunday, June 8th at 11 am. Here's a short preview of what registered attendees can expect from V's seminar:

"So, you've conquered the standalone and want to bring your characters and world to multiple books. Huzzah! Series can be great fun. More books can provide you with the opportunity to expand your world and show even greater dimension, among other things. But writing series presents unique challenges as well (see: the dreaded "middle book"). Join NY Times bestseller Veronica Rossi as she discusses the ups and downs of series writing. Tips will be provided. High fives and shoulders to cry on, too. You name it, we'll do it."


Hooray for BRAZEN! Wish I lived closer for the Advanced Writing Workshop - sounds like it is awesome.

Thank you, Robin! And I wish I'd been able to attend the workshop, too! :)

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