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I love using images to inspire my writing. If you haven’t tried Pinterest for this purpose, I’m urging you to try it. It’s free and fun, and providing you avoid becoming addicted, I think it works well.

If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, it is basically an online corkboard. You can search for images under a certain theme like recipes, exotic vacations, famous quotes, fashion, etc. that you would like to collect. Trust me that your search can be very, very specific and you’re still going to find images in that category, like Steampunk Softies Patterns .You can collect or “pin” these images from as many other boards as you like to your own board or boards. The images are linked to the pages where they originated.  So an image of an apple pie might take you to the recipe for it.

Your boards can be viewed by others unless you create a secret board which is yours and yours alone.

Try creating a board called Writing Prompts. Search Pinterest for all that interests or inspires you. Pin away. Then step back and take a look at your board. Can you find a story in your images? Is there one image that stands out and gets your creative juices flowing?

 Found on
Here’s a link to a board I created for a story called Seven Sapphires (Having trouble with this link, you may have to cut and paste - sorry!) I think I started with the image of a jewel and went on from there - ravens, Edgar Allan Poe, castles in winter, etc. Again, I warn you that you have to know when to stop or you’ll go on forever.

I hope this idea helps with a story you’re working on, or serves as a muse for  a new story. If you do create a board, please share. Would love to see it.


I loved looking at the board you shared with me, Robin!

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