It's always a special thrill for me when one of the Muses comes out with a new book, and this one is so much fun because it not only was was co-written by Veronica Rossi, but also longtime friend to all Muses (and all writers for that matter) Lorin Oberwerger, writing together as Noelle August.

From the moment I first heard the concept of Boomerang (the Hangover meets the Intern (with kissing!), I was sold.  And the set up was amazing- a guy and a girl wake up from a night they can't remember, only to find out that they are both interns for the same online dating service, but only one of them will be offered a permanent job.  

Veronica sent me the first few chapters and I devoured them.  I loved Mia's sharp voice, strong confidence and self-deprecating humor.  I loved Ethan's desire to do the right thing, tendency to take in strays and strong convictions.  But it was the rest of the book that really got me excited. I especially loved how the book turned New Adult on its head for me, featuring completely unbroken, strong characters who had the ability to make me both laugh and swoon (sometimes at the same time).  Also, I loved that Ethan's last name was "Vance," and that I fell in love with him just as I did a certain other boy I know with a very *similar* last name.

The book is also populated with memorable side characters, and fabulous Los Angeles settings.  But possibly my favorite part of Boomerang was how it made me laugh out loud more than once, but never at the expense of the characters.  I felt like Mia and Ethan were real people, and I cared what happened to them.  As I was reading, I couldn't decide who I wanted to win the job.  I was rooting for them both.  That's a neat to trick to pull of with a dual narrative.

Sharp and funny, swoony and sweet, Boomerang is the perfect summer beach read.  But you don't have to take my word for it.  I understand Boomerang just got a starred review in Booklist!

Congratulations Ladies!


Thanks so much for your awesome post, Talia! V and I had a ridiculous amount of fun with it--especially with the side characters, who definitely burst onto the scene in surprising ways. So glad you liked it, and thanks again to all the Muses for featuring the book this week! You all remain awesome!

Thank you, Talia! So happy you liked it, my friend!

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