Thoughts on the Launch of BOOMERANG

Veronica Rossi 5 Thursday, July 17, 2014

It's always exciting to launch a book, but last week was the first coauthored book I've launched and, let me tell you, I highly recommend the experience.

For me, book launches have always been a seesaw of emotions. Excitement and fear crash inside me. A combination of, "I did this!" and "What am I doing?" Of the pride in the accomplishment of getting the book that far, into print, on a shelf, an actual thing. And of the dread of what will come next. Will people read it? Will they love it or hate it? What will happen to this thing that's been mine up until this point, and is now everyone's?

Coauthoring felt a little different. Sure, I had pride and fear with the launch of BOOMERANG, but all along, from the very first words written, I had a partner. I had someone who I knew loved the book. Who was on the inside, with me. And that someone--my coauthor Lorin Oberweger--happens to be a person who's opinion I value very highly (probably obvious.) With Lorin by my side, my will people like this book? fear was just... gone. Because of her, this launch has been special. It's been brighter. Full of Florida sunshine. Laughs. Family. And warmth. A highlight of my career thus far, for certain.

Talia, Katy, Bret and Donna read a fairly early draft of BOOMERANG. Their feedback also provided me with such a boost. They know just what to say and they said it. They got the book. And their support reinforced something I've been thinking about a lot lately: if I can write a book my friends will love, that's the definition of success. What other measure could mean more than that? Than getting it right in the eyes of the people you love and respect most? None, I say.

The publishing journey for me has had a lot of twists and turns. I've learned so much. I've taken a few hard knocks, and I've had more than my share of champagne-worthy moments. The best parts of the ride have remained the same, though. Writing stories. Sharing them with good friends.

Thank you, Lorin. Thank you, Muses. You make this ride so worth it.



Aw, V! :::Sniffle:::

Lovely, lovely post, and I couldn't have expressed it any differently. For me, some of the anxiety inherent in the launch had to do with internalizing feedback that suggested in some way that this launch--because it was for a co-authored book under the pen name--wasn't a "REAL" launch. Hence, I was being a goofball for treating it like a big deal.

But for a lot of reasons, I just knew I wanted to celebrate this amazing achievement: a smart, funny book with heart, co-written with someone I love and respect to pieces. Life is too short for crumbs, and having you in FL this weekend, with family and friends, and tons of laughs, sharing the things that delighted us about our "book baby" felt like having the whole cake! (Well, with a Muse-shaped slice missing, of course!)

Thanks so much, friend. Onward to BOUNCE! XOXO

I read YA Muses every day. And though I rarely comment, I wanted to say here that I hope everyone who reads you is as inspired by the sense of camaraderie and support and friendship I always find when I come here. I'm lucky enough to be in a group like yours. In less than three years, our little group of 10 unagented writers now has 3 published authors, 4 agented writers, and 3 more who are very close I just turned in my final revisions to my agent. And though I'm terrified of the next step....Submission..EEK! I know that my group will help me through it. I hope that everyone who reads your blog and sees what amazing sucesses you guys have found, will be moved to join or form a group their own group of like-minded writers. It's just the best feeling in the world! Thank you, Muses, for all the wonderful advice, and for being such a shining example of how a writing group can and should be.

And please forgive the typos-tom did this sans-glasses!

Janet, thank you for your message! I'm so happy to hear that you have a great, supportive group. Sounds like y'all are on a roll! It's such a help to have that, in this business. I couldn't imagine doing this without my buddies. <3

Agreed! Community is SO important to writers, and a good community can buoy, challenge, and support you through the ups and downs of the journey. I'm glad you've found that, and I wish that for all writers!

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