What a sweet treat to get to spend this week introducing y'all Noelle August's BOOMERANG. I mean, the authors -- Veronica and Lorin -- are two of my favorite people in the whole world. So you could say I'm slightly biased to loving anything this pair creates. Though as I write this post, I feel I must mention two other facts which give my opinion on BOOMERANG a slightly more objective slant:

1. In no way, shape, or form the target audience and I'm not the biggest fan of romance / rom-com's.
2. This was my first introduction into the New Adult genre.

So, I bet you're dying to know what I thought of it?


I started smiling on the very first one: "On the single most important day of my life, I wake with the thought: Oh crap, where are my panties?" And still haven't stopped. The entire read I felt similar to experiencing one of the great, fun romances. WHEN HARRY MET SALLY sort of thing. A story, characters, and banter that transcend the boundaries of a genre. Something that I just want to keep experiencing no matter what the subject or situation. It's just fun and endearing.  

So I might not run out and buy every Danielle Steele book (I believe Oprah or Bill Gates would be the only people wealthy enough to do so), but I'm the first in line for BOOMERANG 2!


Thank you, Bret! And I can loan you some more New Adults, if you'd like ;) ;)

Thanks so much, Bret! Wonderful post. Truly means a lot for you to love something that's not in your preferred genre.

And just means a lot to have you Muses feature the book this week. Again, you're all the best! <3

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