One Year Later...

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since the original Muses welcomed us newbies with open arms. So much has happened since my first post as the new Wednesday Muse! Here's an updated snapshot of where I am and what I'm up to now:

I polished up my contemporary YA and after a whirlwind trip through Queryland I signed with the fabulous Kathleen Rushall at Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.

FOUND THINGS by Marilyn Hilton. Marilyn and I shared a mentor (the amazing Emma Dryden) in the Nevada SCBWI Mentor Program and I’m not exaggerating when I say that her writing is achingly beautiful. The kind that makes you want to savor every sentence. 

Film soundtracks. I find lyrics distracting when I write so I’m always on the hunt for scores that hit the right note without being distracting. Composers Danny Elfman and Patrick Doyle provide hours and hours of listening pleasure.

I’m still watching American Ninja Warrior. And I’ve totally mastered that one-pinkie pull-up. Okay, so I’ve mastered a regular two-handed pull-up. With help from one of those band thingies. But how badass is Kacy Catanzaro?? She’s my new hero.

Obsessed with:
My new WIP. It’s the best. Idea. EVER! This is where I should tell Katy that she was right, that I was stressing way too much and that the right idea did come. YOU WERE RIGHT, KATHERINE LONGSHORE! 

Yurt! Sweet Yurt!

And also, YURTS. If I can’t make medieval glamping at Warwick Castle happen, I’ll settle for glamping in a yurt.


I’ve put in almost 1,000 miles on my treadmill desk and have totally mastered the art of typing and walking at the same time.  Writing legible notes to myself while walking, not so much.

Zoodle Pizza Pasta
A pirate doll for my son’s birthday. He wanted a giant T-Rex but I didn’t have enough fabric. Or an airplane hangar to build it in.

And also, zoodles (otherwise known as zucchini noodles). With my new Spiralizer. Yum!

Looking forward to:
Once again, the Writers' Police Academy! I had an awesome time last year and now that the host and founder of the WPA, Lee Lofland, is back on the West Coast, dare I hope it’s only a matter of time before we get a WPA in California?

Thinking about:
The future. While making sure to enjoy the stage I’m in now. I’m so grateful to the original Muses for inviting me to hang out with them, and all of you. I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to!


Congrats on your contemporary YA! Yes! Where did you find the Yurt?? It's fab!

You know what I've been up to, which sadly does NOT include a yurt, but DOES include HUGE excitement that you have a new idea you're happy with. YAY!

I am indeed considering a West Coast Writers' Police Academy. Securing a venue/location is the first hurdle. I am open to ideas and suggestions.

HOORAY! I knew it would happen, Kristen! And I cannot WAIT to read it.

Also, I would totally go to the Writers' Police Academy in California even though I write historical novels that have nothing to do with tasers and ride-alongs because how often do you get the chance?

Thanks, Robin! We stayed in one of the yurts at Mt. Madonna County Park near Monterey. It's a gorgeous park!

Thanks, Beth! And thanks for being there for both the writerly angsting and the OMG-BRIGHT-SHINY-NEW-IDEA-ing.

I imagine it would be hard to equal the facilities at GTCC. I grew up in Santa Rosa, any chance the SRJC's Public Safety Training Center could be a possible venue?
You've got quite a contingent of WPA fans in California if there's anything we can do to help!

Yup, you were right :). Thanks, Katy!

Yes yes yes!!! So happy for you, Kristen. And I'm fond of yurts myself. Wonder whether we could make a yurt workshop work? Yurt Wurkshop!

Thanks, Emma!! My fairy godmentor :). I am totally down with a yurt workshop! Yurt Workshop!

I can feel your excitement about your new WIP idea - go, go, go! Wishing you happy writing.

AND you simply must try to get to Warwick sometime. I've been twice and it's one of my very favorite places in England. I'm lucky that I have cousins that live about 20 miles from there. :-) But the Glamping pictures look awesome! Next time I find myself across the Atlantic . . .

Thank you, Kimberley! I'm so jealous of your Warwick adventures! I'll get there one of these days!!

You've certainly made the most of this year, girl! I'm so thrilled with all your good news and future plans! Thank you for being so much fun to Muse with!

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