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This week, rather than spotlight a novel, I’m going to point you toward a few of my favorite books on writing craft.
To improve your writing, the main thing you need to do is WRITE. Often. Daily if you can. Critique groups—or some other form of critical feedback—are also instrumental if you’re writing for publication. But the following volumes have been incredibly helpful to me.
I picked this up because Card’s ENDER’S GAME ranks high on my list of favorite speculative fiction works. I expected a lot. Reading Card, you get the feeling you are in the hands of someone who knows character. This book blew me away. I’ve recommended it over and over again. It’s a quick read, organized in neat chapters on different aspects of character construction. I reread it at least once a year. Buy it if you are a fiction writer. You’ll thank me later.
SAVE THE CAT! by Blake Snyder
This is primarily for screenwriters. A great book for understanding different kinds of stories and what makes them work. Also a fast read, and entertaining. This will teach you the importance of thinking high concept/big picture.
I’m a big fan of Maass. I’ve attended two of his workshops. His ideas are terrific for just what he says – high stakes, high concept fiction. If that’s the kind of book you want to write, then pick this up.
BIRD BY BIRD by Anne Lamott
If the books I’ve mentioned about are about craft, this one is about perseverance and passion. It’s the very best of writerly wisdom.
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And finally, check out this great contest for Elana Johnson’s debut POSSESSION.


I'm also a huge fan of Donald Maass. I own all of his writing related books!

Orson Scott Card's books are the best I've read on craft (I also like his How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy), and I agree that Anne Lamott's is also a very good read, but my all-time favorite book on writing is Brenda Ueland's If You Want to Write. That woman was brilliant, and I'm always surprised when she's not on the lists of best writing books.

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