Why GOLD is Pure Gold

I have a confession to make.

I’m not the HUGEST reader of sequels. I know, I know, it’s blasphemous, considering I just wrote a trilogy, which is a basically a book and a sequel, and then a sequel to the sequel. But the truth is, I go into sequels super nervous. I wonder: Will it be as good? Will the characters still captivate me? Will this be fresh in all the ways I want it to be fresh, and familiar in all the ways I want it to be familiar?

Well, let me tell you: GOLD hits every mark for a great sequel. Every. Single. One.

Brianna has grown since the discovery of her powers in SILVER. The challenges she faces are new. The direction these challenges take her towards are both inevitable and unexpected—the best combination, in my opinion.

I adored Austin in this book, and totally agree with Katy's assessment of his character. I loved that we saw new sides of him, that he brought out new sides of Brianna. I loved that Talia took us to Ireland for all the reasons Donna mentioned, and I loved that the stakes for the entire cast of characters were raised.

This story went epic on me, and I ate it up. I read GOLD in a flurry, finished it and wanted more. Immediately.

What more could you ask for, sequel or not? Seriously. What more?

Congratulations on the release of GOLD, Talia. You outdid yourself. You made me, the reluctant-sequel-reader, desperate for what's next. 

GOLD is pure gold.


I'm the same way when it comes to sequels! Glad to see this one hit the mark :)

Gah! Sequels - that's a Muse-worthy topic if ever I saw one. I ADORE sequels, but the first book has to be really exceptional for me to read a sequel, too, these days. Your concern about finding it "fresh in the ways I want it to be fresh, and familiar in the ways I want it to be familiar" sounds so nebulous, but it's exactly my concern when I open the sequel to a book I loved. Well done, Talia, for achieving that and so much more!

Right there with you on sequels! So often I don't read them, but GOLD is a must-read! A perfect balance of new plot elements and loved characters, with the characters developing in new and surprising ways.

I generally don't read sequels. It's not really because I'm worried they won't be as good, it's more that I didn't like the first book enough to keep going. There are just too many books and not enough time!

Thank you V! Sequels are a challenge, but this one was fun for me. I think writing a different book in between books 1 and 2 made a difference.

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