There are times on twitter when I express my excitement over a book release, or a movie premiere, or a TV show, or what-have-you, and I'll get a tweet in response to this effect:

(twitter follower): It's so great! You're a fangirl just like us!

To which I always want to reply: YES. A thousand Yeses!

I write because I have fallen under the spell of writers I admire. Of stories, characters, artworks, televisions shows. I write because I know how amazing it feels to be completely swept away. I write because I crave that magic… the ability to whisk a world out of words. Maybe I'm even addicted to it? Yes. Yes, I am.

We fangirls and boys know what it's like to quiver in anticipation of the next story, the next episode, the next album, the next, next, next.

Here are a few things that make me quiver (not that way. get your minds out of the gutter):

  • I'm obsessed with the show VIKINGS. Ragnar Lothbrok ftw! (God, I'm such a nerd.)
  • BOOKS. There are SO MANY books and authors I freak out about (Kristin Cashore, anyone?), but most recently: I just got an advanced copy of Carrie Mesrobian's (Sex & Violence) next book (Perfectly Good White Boy) and it's like Christmas and the Fourth of July and Valentine's Day in my heart.
  • Anything Jimmy Fallon. ANYTHING. He is my Kryptonite. I have no defenses. 
  • Foster the People… Ridiculous love for this band.
  • Kathryn Bigelow… Man, you guys. I have the biggest girl-and-artist-crush on her. Oscar-winning director. Painter. Elegant woman, who's unflinching about her projects and so damn creative. I want to be her, basically. I love you, Kathryn! (<--this is what's known as a Fangirl Flail.)
  • The SF Giants make me flail. Especially Brandon Crawford, but let's not go there. (Just kidding, babe, if you're reading this!)

I think the Fan Flail is an essential part of being an artist. It's what gets us fired up creatively. It's like hearing a riff and running to the guitar to see if you can work it out on the strings. Like falling in love without all the messiness of, you know, "another person." It's you and that song, that book, that movie, and you are perfect together. There are no misunderstandings, no weird text messages to misinterpret. We Fan Flail because art is selfless, always available to entertain us. It loves us unconditionally, and we love it back.

What about you guys? What makes you Fan Flail?

Leave a comment below. Inquiring minds want to know!



I think there are probably way too many things that make me flail but the short list ... aside from all the amazing authors *stares lovingly at you*

1. Coldplay - and let's be honest - specifically Chris Martin. I thought I was going to die a fangirl death when he showed up on the voice next to Adam Levine. I don't even know how those people weren't sitting in his lap.

2. Veronica Mars & Scrubs - I was a backer for the VM Movie and a backer for Zach Braff's project. These are shows I can watch over and over and flail about things each and every time.

3. Jon Stewart - holy crap I love this man so effing much.

4. Justified... I fangirl over Raylon for some reason. And believe me when I tell you that I most certainly do NOT have a thing for cowboys LOL IDK what it is about him but yum.

I love that you fangirl right along with us!! :)

I've never been in love with a band or musician before (ahem, unless we're counting New Kids on the Block when I was 10, and I certainly am NOT counting that), but I'm over the moon about Florence + the Machine. WHEN IS THE NEXT ALBUM COMING OUT??? I am dying over here.

Mutual Fan Flail Admiration Society comment here:

1) I lose my mind over Everything Norman Reedus

2) I want Perry & Aria to live next door to me and come over on weekends so we can have waffles together

3) I cannot stop watching Elementary bc I love Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller and wish I lived in their brownstone

4) Miranda Lambert makes me so happy. Her new song "Automatic" is going on my running playlist

I have just found the books of Deborah Harkness and am in love with one of the main characters, Matthew. She is not YA, but her books mix fantasy and history. Vampire Diaries...a guilty pleasure, Ranger (Stephanie Plum), ooh there are so many. I find that sometimes I wish a book didn't end, that I wanted to hang out with the characters longer. That is the magic I believe you are talking about. I hope someday to be able to write like that...

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