In Which I Geek Out and Get Very Shy

So in an amazing coincidence, I find myself writing about fandom on the same day I got to go to a signing by one of my favorite YA authors, Rachel Hawkins.  I blogged about her first book, Hex Hall, back in 2011.  Then I read and blogged about the sequel, Demonglass, which pulled me out of a reading slump.  I'm a huge fan of Rachel's ability to blend humor, action and romance, and I fell in love with her characters from the first chapter.

I found out that she was doing a signing tonight in my hometown for the first book in her brand new series, REBEL BELLE.
My signed copy and SWAG
No way was a I staying home. 

Here is how the conversation with my husband went:

Me: Don't forget I'm going to that book signing tonight.  It's one of my favorite authors.  I still can't believe she's coming here.

Him:  You should tweet her and see if she wants to go out to dinner afterward.

Me:  No way.  I can't.

Him:  If you were doing a signing in a strange city and a local author invited you out to dinner, how would you feel?

Me:  Incredibly grateful.  But she's famous.

Him:  You're ridiculous.

Me:  Still not doing it.

Flash forward to the signing.  Rachel was warm and made time for each person that came, answered every question and told charming stories about her writing process (she "Empire Strikes Backed" her second book), traveling (she and Ally Carter got off a train in the wrong state) and was genuinely nice.
Rachel takes questions from the crowd

I never did get up the nerve to ask her to dinner.  In fact, I found that I couldn't even think of questions to ask her even though I've read every book she's published and theoretically have a  lot in common with her.  I did eventually got the courage to introduce myself as a fellow YA writer and ask her for a picture.
Yes, I did come straight from work

And I came home with a signed copy of her new book!

At the end of the day, the experience reminded me that I am a reader first.  There is still nothing like discovering a new favorite author or bringing home a new book.

It's something to treasure.  And something to aspire to.


Oh, I <3 you, Talia! And this is so,s o true! I completely, incoherently fangirl over my favorite authors, how can we not when they bring us new worlds, best friends, and so many hours of pleasure? So lovely of you to write this story! But remember, elsewhere there are ya writers thinking of YOU like this! :)

Thank you Martina! I came home to a tweet from a reader and I think I appreciated it even more than I already do. It is so humbling to meet people you look up to, but inspiring too.

Ah! Great story! I've been in the same place. In fact, I remember feeling quite shy around a certain group of Muses not so long ago....

That was before you got charged by a giant Saint Bernard puppy, right? (I feel like that is always a good ice breaker).

Yes! Huckleberry helped me feel right at home. :)

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