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My reading taste is all over the place at the moment, all of it related in some way to the book I'm writing.

There's Lord of the Far Island by Victoria Holt for classic gothic romantic suspense...

The mind-expanding infinite worlds of Jorge Luis Borges' short story collection, Ficciones...

and the elegant, embittered, sophisticated storytelling of John Le Carre's A Delicate Truth. 

On the non-fiction side, I'm delving into the history of Hermetic philosophy with Man: The Grand Symbol of the Mysteries by Manly P. Hall...

and Magic, Mystery, and Science by Dan Burton and David Grandy...

Clicking the images should take you to their Goodreads pages if you're interested in any of them!

I love reading widely and deeply, outside of the genre I write in, in order to keep things fresh. 

What are you reading at the moment? 

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Maybe One Day, by Melissa Kantor, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and I am working my way slowly through Anna Karenina...

Tolstoy is definitely a change of pace, so I have been making sure I have a stack of YA to keep me occupied. Haven't made it too far but I am determined to read it! There are just too many books to read!

I am reading a lot of middle grade at the moment (6 books on my nook). Also Catherine the Great by Robert Massie. Thanks for mentioning these, Lia. Would love to talk to you about some of the titles you're reading.

Oooh, Catherine the Great is such a fascinating historical figure! How's that book, Robin?

I've been meaning to read Gone Girl, but haven't got to it yet. Tolstoy was one of my favorite writers as a teenager, though! I must have been cleverer then than I am now, as I find the language slower than I did back then.

I'm not sure if it's the internet that has changed that, or being steeped in a YA writing and reading world which values 'cutting to the chase'. I do sympathize with your wail that there are too many books to read -- I despair, really. That's why it's so great to have recommendations from friends. When you don't have much free time you have to know which books to target!

So far, it's wonderful, Lia. Massie just has a way to convey a story!

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